FPT Food Process Technology Co., Ltd.


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FPT Food Process Technology Co., Ltd.
     FPT Food Process Technology is a customer and service-orientated company, which is based in Bangkok and spreading across 15 countries. We provide superior quality machineries, services, and technology to secure your future in the Food Industry. Our team of food technologists and Professional Engineers are highly skilled and specially trained by our European partners to support all your technical services and operational needs.
     Our expert team of multi-disciplinary consultants supported by global leading food technologies companies cater to both your Greenfield and Brownfield project needs. This includes Turnkey consultancy solutions in the field of slaughterhouses, hygienic food processing and packaging. FPT gathers only the best worldwide food technologies to bring you a complete one-stop services ranging from; marketing, conceptualization, strategizing, cost-analysis, planning, international compliance standards, designing, implementation and commissioning coupled with reliable after-sales supports to ensure your success!




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