Premium Distribution Co., Ltd.


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Premium Distribution Co., Ltd.

Premium Distribution Group (‘PDG’) is the leading distribution company in Myanmar that specializes in the importation and distribution of high-quality food and non-food into the modern retail, traditional retail, and food service markets. PDG consists of four companies;
• Premium Distribution (food)
• Cellar Door Distribution (alcohol and beverages)
• S&P Distribution (non-food)
• (wholesale food service)
Premium Distribution has been established since 2012. At PDG, all of our businesses strive to build long lasting brand equity with our international principal partners in the Myanmar market. We do this by blending international operational standards with expertise, knowledge of local market dynamics and resources, to provide an unparalleled network uniquely tailored for success in the Myanmar market. With the intention of trading the high-quality product to the international market, PDG aims to promote our market-leading brands, “PREMIUM FOOD, Whip Topping Cream” and “AYTHAYA, Myanmar leading wine brand” to international markets. Aythaya is Myanmar 1st Vineyard Estate and proudly made in Myanmar.


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